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Goldsobel and Kirshen Law Offices

Goldsobel and Kirshen provides a full range of legal services to help our clients reach their desired destination in a safe and trouble-free fashion, by the most viable route. We pride ourselves on being deal-makers by combining our legal skills, practical experience and commercial acumen. Under our expert guidance, transactions are completed efficiently, wisely and securely.

Our main areas of operation are in the fields of industrial products, high-tech, biotechnology, defense electronics, medical and telecommunications equipment. We accompany clients throughout the transaction process, from the term sheet stage through due diligence, contract negotiation, contract completion and performance. The firm places a particular emphasis on achieving rapid transaction completion particularly for international transactions.

Technology Incubators
Goldsobel & Kirshen is one of the most experienced Israel law firms in the field of technology incubators. It has been actively engaged in representing them since its establishment of the first technology incubator sponsored by the Israeli Government in the 1990's. Today, the firm represents the two leading Israeli high-tech incubators, one of which has the highest project company success rate and the other has raised the most investment funding. We deal with all the legal work of these two privately-owned incubators and their project companies. As a result, we are very familiar with the legal, commercial and financial aspects of establishing and operating incubators, and of formulating the relationships between the incubators and their project companies and among the founders, scientists, shareholders, management and employees. We have developed a particular expertise in handling investment agreements, in assisting project companies to reach potential markets and in facilitating smooth and profitable exits, whether by way of mergers, acquisitions or technology license agreements.

Tel: +972-4-8503388 Email: office@goldlaw.co.il