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Patent & IP Management

Start-Up Line Ltd. is our wholly-owned subsidiary which operates on the same premises as the law office of Goldsobel and Kirshen and under its auspices.
It manages patent and IP files in the fields of science and advanced technology including, electronics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, medicine, computer science and communications.

The key patent and IP management activities performed by Start-Up Line are as follows:

Professional guidance concerning routine IP protection
Invention presentations
Obtaining enablement opinions
Utilization of our high throughput of patent applications to negotiate attractive patent attorney fee arrangements
Assisting inventors in their presentations to and communications with patent attorneys
Careful management of patent-file know-how and data to meet timetable milestones smoothly and efficiently
Maintaining a high-level of attention and personal contact with clients and inventors
Assistance in the strategic planning and management of a patent portfolio

Through the wise management, protection and licensing of their IP, companies and institutions can maximize their IP value. They have found that outsourcing this activity to Start-Up Line is not only cost-effective but also improves the quality of their IP management with concomitant economic benefits.

Tel: +972-4-8503388 Email: office@goldlaw.co.il