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The experience achieved while advising our clients in their commercial dealings has allowed us to develop insight into how to bridge the gulf between their lack of available means and resources, and their desire for rapid value enhancement and market penetration. Accordingly, we place an emphasis on facilitating access to the resources our clients so badly need, such as Funding, Partnering, Operations & Relocation.

We have gained valuable experience in raising funds from private investors and venture capital funds, making successful applications for funding under the various programs of the Israel Chief Scientist (Magnet, Magneton, Nofar, Tnufa &c.), or for research and support grants from governmental sponsored funds in the U.S.A. (BIRD, NIH &c) and Europe (5th and 6th Framework Programs).

Our extensive network of international and local companies provides a pool of potential strategic partners. Introductions we initiated have led to successful investment, joint venture, distribution and other transactions. We have also played a key role in establishing cooperative ventures among research institutions, and pharmacology and biotechnology companies.

In conjunction with a number of proven professionals with whom we have teamed, we are able to provide operational assistance, either on a periodic or project basis, in the fields of financial management, research and development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and support. Our own experience of working in a corporate environment has familiarized us with the priorities and sensitivities that govern project-based work. As a result, we are able to make a significant contribution to the promotion and management of commercial projects.

In suitable cases, we are able to introduce clients to the leading Israeli incubator companies that we represent, with a view to their taking an equity position, and whose involvement brings the immediate benefit of experienced guidance from skilled incubator personnel.


It is no secret that Israeli companies often encounter difficulties in establishing a foothold in their key markets abroad. Accordingly, we promote innovative solutions that facilitate the development of companies and their technology in physical proximity to their target markets and new sources of funding. We believe that these solutions will accelerate value creation among Israeli companies and avoid the demise of those ventures that are unable to bridge the gap between their inherent capabilities and market realities.

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